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TEGEP 11. Eğitim ve Gelişim Zirvesi

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19 - 20 - 21 EKİM

Yıkıcı Ekosistemler - Disruptive Ecosystems

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The upcoming shifts in society and business will be the ones of deep transformation and disruption. How can we be preparing our companies and businesses for this on a leadership level? How can we as well developi our ability to immerse into shifting ecosystems?


Bertrand Rajon 

Head of Leadership Education at Nestlé

As a long term Nestlé employee, Bertrand Rajon has covered various fields of activities ranging from business management to executive education. Over a span of more than 30 years he has accumulated a significant experience and became the refence person within his company when it comes to business acceleration, inner disruption and executive leadership development.